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Internal Reporting Platform at Turck

Based on an EU Directive, the German “Act for Better Protection of Whistleblowers” enables whistleblowers to make reports without risking reprisals if they draw attention to potential breaches of law and questionable practices within the company.

Turck is in support of the new law and sees it as an important contribution to better compliance.

By complying with the legal requirements, Turck has set up a globally accessible, internal reporting system through which you can submit tip-offs with regard to potential violations within the Turck Group - whether you are an employee, business partner, or any other individual. You are also free to report anonymously.

The internal reporting platform can be accessed through the following link:

By submitting an internal report, you are making a valuable contribution to a better and more compliant Turck as an active player in society and the markets.

Alternatively, there are external reporting platforms, please see for instance